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Dates-n-Mates Directors

Dates-n-Mates Directors have a lived experience of learning disability and influence the direction of the organisation.

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Dates-n-Mates Scotland National Director:
John Paul Moffat

DnM John Paul

I have been one of the Dates-n-Mates Scotland Directors for 15 years (since 2008), firstly as one of the Glasgow Directors before becoming the National Director.

What I love about being part of Dates-n-Mates is telling the history, representing them at award ceremonies and conferences but most importantly seeing our Dates-n-Mates members connect with each other and giving them the confidence to strive in life.

My tasks can be varied, as I may be asked to help my colleagues in the different areas from attending events or doing an information stand or presentation. Or being interviewed about Dates-n-Mates Scotland for news articles and press

Glasgow & Renfrewshire Director:
Andrew McCartney

I’ve been a Director since 2018.

My favourite thing to do in Dates-n-Mates is being a host and compere for some of the events. One of my regular tasks is interacting with members of Dates-n-Mates, which I like doing.

The Dates-n-Mates Direct podcast was an idea I had to let everyone know what’s going on, share our thoughts and let our members get even more involved with the project.

Aberdeen Director: Sarah Paterson

I have been the director of Dates-n-Mates Aberdeen since 2015.

I enjoy having a laugh and chatting with the members.

I create presentations and workshops. I like to help members with ways to overcome their stress and anxiety (especially after lockdown).

I enjoy being part of an amazing team where I have an opportunity to suggest ideas that would be good for our members and the project.

Aberdeen Director: Katrina Duncan

I have been a Dates-n-Mates member since 2021 and became Director in July 2023.

I am excited to get involved and work with the rest of the team.

Falkirk Director: John Clarke

I have been a Director of Dates-n-mates Falkirk since 2020. I was a member then the job of Director came up.

The biggest thing I’ve enjoyed for me is getting to use zoom and meeting new people from different Dates-n-Mates branches during lockdown.

I help to organise and attend the activities Dates-n-Mates host for members.

Dates-n-Mates Direct Podcast

Friendly conversations with direct experiences and opinions from people with learning disabilities brought to you by Dates-n-Mates Directors.

Co-Hosted by Andrew, John Paul, Sarah, John and Holly. Each episode is entirely led by people with a learning disability to share their views and experiences in their own way.

Dates-n-Mates Scotland

Dates-n-Mates is Scotland’s national dating and friendship charity run by and for adults with learning disabilities.

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Dates-n-Mates Direct 

Friendly conversations with direct experiences and opinions from people with learning disabilities brought to you by Dates-n-Mates Directors.

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