Dates-n-Mates Glasgow: Kenny and Karoline Celebrate 2nd Anniversary

Glasgow members Kenny Murphy and Karoline Carmichael will be celebrating 2 years together this February. The pair met at a dates-n-mates event shortly before lockdown and have kept their relationship going strong despite all the challenges they have been faced with. We caught up with the couple to see how they feel as they approach their second year together.

Kenny and Karoline Summer

Your 1st anniversary was during lockdown, how will you be celebrating your second anniversary?

Kenny: We haven’t made any plans yet but I am hoping we can plan something soon.

Karoline: I would like us to go out for dinner.

How do you feel about having been together for two year?

Karoline: Two years is a long time, we fought Covid and won!

Kenny: I can still remember when I first saw Karoline, it’s amazing how everything can change just like that.

Have you made plans to meet up more this year now restrictions have eased again?

Kenny: I want to see Karoline as soon as possible, it’s just a matter of finding times that suit us both.

Karoline: I can’t wait to see Kenny more when the weather gets better and we can go on lots of trips

Kenny: We saw each other at Christmas time, really looking forward to doing something again soon.


When you first met did you ever imagine you would be celebrating your 2nd anniversary?

Kenny: Yes definitely, Karoline is the best person in the world, she really is. She is always to energetic and so much fun to be around.

Karoline: Yes I did too, I still remember the party when we first saw each other, and now it’s been two years!

That's lovely that you both remember when you first met so clearly. How about the future? What are you most looking forward to this year?

Karoline: Spending time with each other, I think we are a good couple and like spending time together

Kenny: I hope we can have a birthday and also go to music gigs, and I am looking forward to going to see the football this year!

Karoline: *laughs* this is supposed to be about what we want to do as a couple not what you want to do!

Kenny: *laughs* Sorry!

Kenny and Karoline

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