The Five Love Languages

What are Love Languages?

We all express and receive love differently and understanding those differences can make a serious impact in our relationships (e.g Romantic Relationships, Friendships and Family Members). Not everyone communicates love in the same way and Dr Gary Chapman came up with the “Five Love Languages” to help us better understand these differences and strengthen our relationships. The Five Love Languages are the five different ways of expressing and receiving love: Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Gift Giving, Acts of Service and Physical touch.

Watch the video below to listen to staff member Mairi explaining the 5 Love Languages in detail.

Do You Know Your Love Language?

Last month at Dates-n-Mates we had a virtual quiz to find out what our love languages were and why they are important! For this we answered 15 questions about what makes us feel the most loved and added up the scores to find out which Love Language we were. One member who took part in the quiz and found out their love language was words of affirmation said “That makes sense because I feel really happy when my girlfriend tells me I am handsome and that they love me”, another member said “I hug my friends to make sure they know I like them”, whereas one member said “I don’t think that’s right, I think I am all five!”. If you would like to find out your love language you can type in ‘The Five Love Languages Quiz’ to your search engine and there are lots of quizzes available. 

Why are the Five Love Languages Important?

Not everyone shows love in the same way and we all have different ways we like to receive love and it is important we respect these differences. For example, if your love language is physical touch you might feel confused when someone you love doesn’t hug or kiss you as much. This doesn’t mean they don’t love you, just that this isn’t how they best like to receive and express love and they may be communicating their love to you in a different way e.g by spending quality time with you. You don’t need to have the same Love Language as someone else to have a healthy relationship with them, but it is important to understand these differences and make sure you are communicating and expressing affection in a way that make you both feel comfortable and loved. 

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